eyeZy Review: Phone Monitoring Breakthrough of the Year

The spy app industry has reached prime maturity, but most users still find it quite challenging to find an app that works well for them. On the one hand, there are swathes of fake apps that don’t deliver on their claims, and on the other hand, we have legacy apps that have been rendered obsolete in the face of fast-paced technological changes.

Enter eyeZy, a top-draw spy app launched this year that’s already disrupting the industry. With AI-powered algorithms and other features used in high-profile cases like data management in banks, eyeZy is indeed a mold-breaker.

eyeZy makes a strong case as a contender for one of the best spy apps in the world today, offering users top-grade monitoring tools – the likes of which are yet to be found anywhere else.

In this eyeZy review, we’ll look under the hood of eyeZy to discover what makes it truly remarkable.

How Does eyeZy Work?

eyeZy is primarily designed to help families stay intact in a fast-changing technological world. It allows you to track your family member’s phone activities no matter what type of phone or apps they use.
With its lightweight, AI-powered algorithm, eyeZy drills deep into a phone’s memory to access data on the phone without leaving the slightest trail. As such, you can keep an invisible eye on your target’s activities using state-of-the-art spying technology.

If you’re still wondering, “Do eyeZy really works?”, it might interest you to know that this app uses bank-grade encryption technology to make sure your target’s phone data is secured for your eyes only. It works without putting your target’s phone data at the risk of falling into the wrong hands.

You can deploy eyeZy’s advanced spying algorithm without breaking a sweat. The app’s Friendly Installer provides easy-to-follow instructions that you can implement in a breeze. Besides following through with the Friendly Installer, you’ve got nothing else to worry about.

Simply sit back and log into your user dashboard at your convenience, then watch as eyeZy leaves your target phone’s security in the dust. eyeZy’s AI algorithm allows you to access all the information you need on the phone remotely, while your target remains completely oblivious of what’s going on.

Plus, there are also reliable 24/7 support channels that you can turn if you meet a fork down the road.

Why Is eyeZy So Special? Exclusive Features List

As we’ll soon show in this eyeZy spy review, it packs a punch of rare, exclusive features that takes phone monitoring to another level. It features many basic spy features, but these have been upgraded significantly to improve their prowess and purpose.

Here’s a rundown of the unique features you’ll find in eyeZy.

Keystroke Capture

eyeZy offers a keylogger that takes spying up a notch with an AI algorithm that neatly categorizes the captured keystrokes to help you sort them with great ease. It also comes with a keyword alert tool that notifies you whenever suspicious terms are mentioned in your target’s conversations.

Social Spotlight

Reveals everything about your target’s phone chats, from the content to time and date stamps and contact identities. Tracks conversations across nearly every messaging platform from SMS to email and social apps, including WhatsApp, Kik, Telegram, Viber, Tinder, Skype, and Facebook.


With this tool, you can zero in on your target’s previous and current locations. There’s also the magic alert that enables you to check up on them only when they make suspicious movements around a set location.

Plans Breaker

An ingenious feature that discloses your target’s schedule. It weaves together information from their calendar, notes, and even browsing history to give you a heads-up on every meeting they’ll attend.

Files Finder

Gives you complete access to your target’s file manager. You’ll get to see all their photos, videos, and audio.

Web Magnifier

This feature takes a step further compared to most browser trackers because it sorts out your target’s browser activities into categories like frequently visited sites and bookmarks.

Connection Blocker

With this feature, you can regulate your kid’s screen time by blocking their internet connection as well as access to certain websites or apps.

Magic Alerts

If you don’t want to babysit your target all day, this feature enables you to monitor them passively. You can focus on other things and check up on your target only when you get a notification about suspicious movements or conversations.

Phone Analyzer

Gives you a clearer picture of your target’s conversations, enabling you to connect the dots between their call logs (complete with time and date stamps and call duration), chats, and other activities.

eyeZy’s Compatibility With Devices

eyezy compitability
The eyeZy app comes in different versions for Android and iOS devices. For iOS, you can choose from two eyeZy iPhone spy versions – the jailbreak or non-jailbreak version. The non-jailbreak version is compatible with all types of iOS devices because it works on the target’s iCloud account. However, the device needs to be internet-enabled with active iCloud syncing.

With the jailbreak version, you can unleash the full capabilities of the parental control app on the target phone. However, this works only on devices running iOS 7-13+, and you need to handle the phone for a brief moment.

There are also two versions for Android – rooted and non-rooted. However, the device must work with an Android version not older than 4.0, and you need to grab the phone for a brief moment to run either versions of eyeZy for Android.

Note, however, that the rooted version gives you access to a much wider collection of spying features, including the social media spy features, instant messaging trackers, auto-forward Android, plus more.

Install eyeZy App in 3 Steps

eyeZy is a cutting-edge app with high-grade specs. However, the app is designed to deliver a seamless user experience. No matter what version of the app you choose or the type of device you want to track, eyeZy installation usually requires 3 easy steps.

Pick Your Membership

Hop on eyeZy.com and register for your account, then choose from eyeZy’s wide selection of phone tracking plans. If you’re wondering how much does eyeZy cost, you’ll be surprised that it is quite an affordable option.

Here’s an actual pricing list for eyeZy:
1 month – $47.99/mo
3 months – $27.99/mo
12 months – $9.99/mo

Install eyeZy

Once you complete the first step, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to the app’s Friendly Installer. The Friendly Installer breaks down every step involved in installing the app into small, easily digestible bits. You’ll find easy-to-follow steps for every type of installation method.

Dig Out the Info

That’s it. Anytime you need to check up on your target’s phone, you only need to log on to your user dashboard and scroll through the different tracking features.

Final Thoughts

Tracking someone in a fast-paced digital world requires cutting-edge digital tools. However, most people find it challenging to find a reliable spying tool because most apps out there simply can’t meet up with the pulsating pace of changes in the technological landscape.

However, with eyeZy, you can’t go wrong when tracking your kids, partner, or employees. eyeZy is the newest kid on the block, boasting rare, ingenious capabilities. Simply put, eyeZy is a modern-day phone tracking app built for the modern-day environment.

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