How to Spy on Someone’s Facebook Messenger Without the Phone? Tips & Advice That Work

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Facebook is, without a doubt, a daily driver in the lives of most people. When we wake up in the morning, one of the first things we do before getting out of bed is checking our Facebook messages and notifications.

Facebook has made us adopt online communities, unlike the conventional ones. Information sharing via Facebook has become so diverse of late. Talking with online friends, News Feed, comments, messages, groups, events, places, photos, and videos (including live streaming), and gaming are centralized.

For this reason, a need to spy on the FB Messenger of our partners, spouses, or children has sprouted up. This large and potentially dangerous environment is what necessitates us to spy on someone’s Facebook. In this article, I’ll dive more in-depth on the whole concept of Facebook spy apps that can be used conveniently. Hence, if you are wondering “how to spy on someone’s Facebook” let’s find out the solution.

Reasons for Spying on Facebook Messages

While many perceive spying as an unethical activity, it is not always the case. There are some legitimate reasons to use Facebook spy apps. I’ll name various purposes, starting from the most critical ones.

  1. Parental control. As a parent, you may be worried about the well-being of your children. We all know that Facebook can affect someone negatively. For children and teens, we might limit their Facebook time. Also, we need to monitor their messages to ensure they do not fall in the hands of criminals. It is believed that close to a million Facebook accounts specifically target children. A need to take care of children from online evils is paramount.
  2. Curiosity. When we suspect our spouse of infidelity, the first idea that comes to our minds is to monitor their Facebook activity. Facebook spy apps play a crucial role to spy or intercept Facebook messages.
  3. Company/business reputation. Companies depend on the public to thrive, and they, therefore, must have employees who live up to the standards set. To ensure employees don’t compromise the company or business reputation (such as leaking business secrets), employers used Facebook tracking apps.

Best Methods to Spy on Facebook Messenger Chat

As I outlined earlier, to spy on someone’s Facebook account is not as hard as it seems. All that is needed is to install the Facebook Messenger spy app, and it’ll do everything else. The good thing about using a spy app for Messenger is that it raises no suspicion. Hence, with such software, you can be pretty sure no one will expose you.

  1. Using Facebook Monitoring App

FB tracking apps are surveillance applications installed in smartphones to monitor and report all Facebook activities. The majority of these applications have paid subscription, but with a free trial period. There are numerous spy apps for Facebook Messenger out there.

The mechanism behind phone spy apps is pretty straightforward. Once you have installed such software, you have to sign in to its online account. The tracking app uploads all the activities from the target device to the online account. The data is accessible from anywhere and at any time without the target phone in your hands. Here is a demo to try how it looks like.

To minimize suspicion, I strongly recommend using a remote tracker. The spy tracker uses the Internet connection to upload all the details to the server.

How Do Cell Phone Spy Apps Work?

Depending on the spy apps put to task, they can capture Facebook data from the target account as follows:

  •   All the target person’s chats.
  •   All user notifications.
  •   Facebook conversation threads.
  •   Timestamps and dates.
  •   People that chat with the target person regularly.
  •   All sent and received messages plus deleted ones.
  •   All Facebook media.
  •   Group chats.

Installing the Facebook spy app helps to obtain the valuable data above. This Facebook data is very crucial in monitoring children’s online activity. Evil bombs will be visible with the help of this data, and thus averting them is possible. Like I’ve said, prevention is better than cure, has always been and will always be!

On the other hand, an employer knows when any of the employees put the business or organization in jeopardy by engaging in criminal activities. What a person posts on a social media page is a shadow of who they are. With this in mind, employers can know the kind of employees they have in their enterprises.

How to Install Facebook Messenger Spy Tool?

Since there are many Facebook Messenger spy software out there, I will cover the overall installation process for any of them. This is because they do not differ greatly in the form of their nature and mode of operation. This process is direct, and no one should float.

  1. Visit the official website and fill your email to create an online account. Verify on the website and download the software.facebook spy installation
  2. Choose a subscription plan to purchase. All these spy software have subscription packages for users with a different period of duration.

These first two steps may interchange depending on different apps. Some require a subscription upfront, then downloading the app comes afterward, and vice versa.

  1.         Install the software on the target device. Once installed, check if the Facebook app is on the device, if not, install it too. It’s worth noting that the Facebook Messenger spy app can’t be used while the targeted account is being logged in via a browser.

Still, these spy apps can’t just be installed on any device. Most of them are compatible with iOS 7 +, and Android OS 4 or later. Some software requires jailbreaking an iPhone while an Android phone should be rooted.

What Are the Best Spying Apps for Facebook Messages Monitoring

As I mentioned earlier, numerous apps claim to offer tracking and spying activities on Facebook, which is not always the case. Various spying apps are tailored to one environment, Android or iOS, while others work on both platforms.

These apps help to spy on someone’s Facebook messages. This feature is most important to spouses whose only objective is to catch their cheating partners. It’s without a doubt that we all know that the Facebook ecosystem is a glorified online party site and thus a hub of infidelity.

I’ll rank the best three spying apps that can be of great help to catch a cheating partner or monitor children’s online interaction on Facebook. Once again, I’ll start with the best.

mSpy is the best Facebook Messenger tracking app available in the market. The good thing is that it has a money-back guarantee (alternative to free trial period), which gives the user a good insight. Since mSpy is a universal tracking app, it does excellent work as a Facebook Messenger spyware.

This app helps to track Messenger conversations of children so that they can be cushioned against online dangers. It can help parents know when children spend too much time on Facebook or whether they are sharing personal information with strangers, sexting, or are falling victims of cyberbullying. Try demo to see what you can spy on via mSpy app.


  •   Easy-to-use Facebook spy app
  •   Offers more than just Facebook spying
  •   Compatible with both iOS and Android gadgets


  •   The app requires jailbreaking (iPhones) or rooting (Android phones)



webwarcher spy app

WebWatcher is a multi-platform Facebook messages tracking app whose data is stored in a centralized place. The installation is simple, and after installation, a user creates an online account where information is stored. The data stored can be accessed from anywhere at any time. It is an all-rounded app offering monitoring services.


  •   Easy to install
  •   Helps to spy on Messenger conversations


  •   Only shows incoming messages
  •   Facebook Messenger tracking is not included in the basic package


FoneTracker Messenger Spy


When looking for a reliable and safe tracking app, FoneTracker is an app to get. Monitoring the Facebook Messenger chats is just but one of the many services offered by this app. The best thing about it is that it’s undetectable once installed. It’s best suited for all the three objectives of tracking someone’s phone. Parental control, cheating spouse, and employee monitoring are all handled excellently.


  •   Undetectable spying solution
  •   Tons of useful features


  •   Needs an Internet connection
  •   Facebook Messenger tracking is not included in the basic package

This table below shows the different features of the above spy apps for Facebook Messenger.

Software Top Features OS Support Price
mSpy Monitor all FB conversations

View timestamps

View group chats

View the FB contacts list

Android (version 4+) iOS 7 or late $29. 99 (1 Month) $59.99 (3 Months) $119.99 (12 months)
WebWatcher Facebook Messenger monitoring

No rooting

10 days money back guarantee

24/7 online support

Android (version 2 or later) iOS (Version 6.0 or later) PC & Mac $39. 95(1 month) $59. 95 (3 months) $129. 95 (1 year)
FoneTracker Rooting is needed for some devices

No jailbreaking

Incoming Facebook messages

5 days money back guarantee

Android iOS Standard ($21.99 per 1 month) Premium ($25.99 per 1 month) Gold ($30.99 per 1 month)
  1. Forgot Password Method

For some reason, using spying apps is not always the best method to monitor someone’s Facebook messages. Other alternatives work but are riskier. Using the reset password on Facebook works, but for a short period, it may be one time only. I strongly advise against using this technique unless someone is very sure of his or her suspicions. This is because, sooner or later, the victim will know, and it might not end nicely. Look at it like breaking into a house, scan every place, and leave without any traces. It’s almost impossible.

To use this free technique, visit the Facebook login page and choose the “Forgot password” option. Also, one can select the “Find my account” option from the page. The website will send a prompt asking the user’s ideal method of getting a reset code. The vulnerability in this trick is that most people rarely protect their emails and phone numbers; therefore, accessing them is pretty straightforward.

Select an email address or text (if access to the device is less problematic), input the code, and proceed to set a new password. Remember to delete the code and password reset link to cover the trails left, if any. Lastly, ensure the “stay logged in” option is ticked.


  •   Easy to use
  •   100% success rate
  •   Absolutely free


  •   Impossible to use in case of two-factor authentication
  •   Must have full access to the targets phone
  •   Works only once


  1.  Spying on Someone’s Facebook Account Via Online Cracker

When issues aggravate, the human conscience responds by adjusting the defense mechanism. Also, desperate times call for drastic measures. With that in mind, when all the other options seem not to be working, or for some reason, no full access to install spyware or receive reset links on the victim’s phone, sites such as Hyper-Cracker adds another reason to smile.

This method is less complex because the target’s Facebook username is the primary target, which is pretty easy to get. When one visits the website and enters the username in the specified field, login activity, media files, posts, and conversation history will be accessible. This is, however, a less secure option.


  •   Very straightforward in use
  •   Works fast


  •   Risky site
  •   Most online crackers don’t work
  1. Password Guessing or Social Engineeringpassword guesing - spy on Facebook messages for free

Alternatively, one can deploy social engineering or make random-intelligent guesses to determine the user’s Facebook password. At this point, good knowledge of the victim is pivotal. Personal details play a huge role in this technique. Make guesses involving any of the following:

  •   Date of birth.
  •   Year of admission to the college.
  •   Pet names, role models, parents’ names.
  •   Favorite places, artists, or athletes.
  •   Favorite teams (Football, basketball, hockey, and the rest).

According to research, more than 70% of Facebook users use the above combination to secure their social accounts. Due to Facebook’s privacy settings, try and make the right guess within the first five times. Past that, privacy settings will disable the account temporarily.


  •   Less risky
  •   Average chances of success


  •   More guesses earn a temporary suspension as a security measure
  •   The user gets a notification after many unsuccessful login attempts


  1. Phishing Methodpassword guessing - How to spy on Facebook messages for free

This sounds like a blackhat’s arena, and there is some truth in it. Like in social engineering, a person tries to figure out the target’s login details, only that this time, software or some programming skills are used.

A person develops a webpage, a Facebook clone, and uses it to deceive the target. Once the victim enters their login details, they are recorded automatically, probably in a database, text file, or word document. The victim is then redirected to the actual Facebook page. Having the login details, the attacker has full control of the account and checks everything he/she needs.


  •   No trails left
  •   Has a high success rate


  •   Requires some programming knowledge


While it seems like spying on a Facebook conversation is an infringement of privacy, it’s not always the case. For parents, it’s more of an obligation to monitor social media profiles, inclusive of Facebook, for children’s safety. Furthermore, couples can use it to cast out doubts or confirm the suspicions by tracking their spouses’ Facebook Messenger. On the employer’s side, it is more visible.

I am sure that of the many spying methods I’ve covered in detail, it’s possible to wonder which one is the best. While most of them will give results, the use of spying software is more reliable. It offers incredible results. Anyone who uses spying software such as mSpy gets what they want. On a success scale, this spying software has a clean 10 out 10.



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