How to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages Without Knowing Their Password

Facebook is one of the most heavily-used platforms where internet users across all demographics spend most of their time on. I’m almost certain that you can uncover most people’s secrets if you get to access their Facebook accounts without their knowledge.

Facebook’s popularity makes it the prime target of most spying campaigns undertaken by curious individuals, private companies, and law enforcement agencies. In order to boot, there are hordes of dangerous people lurking around Facebook who might accost your loved ones with hidden motives. You might be obliged to read messages of others’ Facebook accounts in the course of your parental duties or protecting your partners and employees.

If you find yourself in doubt about the safety or integrity of your loved ones’ online activities, one of the first places you should begin spying on them is Facebook.

This understanding might trigger a train of thought posing questions like ‘How do I hack into Facebook without prior technical skills?’, ‘What is the best way to read others’ Facebook messages without a password?’ and ‘Do I need physical access to the target phone to hack into someone’s Facebook?’ The answers I’ll be providing in this dossier might surprise you and make Facebook monitoring sound like a cakewalk.

The Best Way to Read Facebook Messages Without a Password

You’ll find swathes of search results if you Google how to read others’ Facebook messages without knowing their passwords, including fake websites claiming to decipher Facebook passwords in a jiffy and other highly technical methods. But from my personal experience and countless anecdotes, none of these solutions can give you the relative ease of use and convenience that Facebook spy apps offer.

The best Facebook spy apps provide you with an impressive range of spy features and functions for monitoring Facebook activities remotely. These apps operate incognito in the target phone, leaving your target oblivious of your monitoring activities.

These apps come with a user dashboard where you can easily navigate to a complete record of the target’s Facebook messages, with real-time updates of all incoming and outgoing chats. The apps also give you access to group chats, direct messages, secret conversations and private messages. The message records come complete with details like time and date stamps as well as shared files. Users also receive full contact details of the message senders/receivers.

But what I love best about top-draw Facebook spy apps like mSpy is that, besides the features mentioned above, they provide me with a host of tools for monitoring activities on other platforms, from SMS to WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and many others.

How to Setup a Spying App to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages

The best Facebook spy apps allow for seamless user experience, so you’ll find it quite easy to download, install, and deploy them. Although the setup steps for each app differ in fine detail, they’re somewhat roughly similar.

To make our illustrations more practical, I’ll outline the exact steps for setting up the mSpy Facebook spy app.


Step 1: Check for compliance with compatibility requirements:

Go to the mSpy official site and confirm if the target phone’s specs are compatible with the app’s requirements.

Step 2: Register for a mSpy account and choose your desired subscription package:

Sign up for an account on the mSpy official site and select the subscription package that best suits your spying needs. Fill out the billing info and make the required payment. Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll receive a confirmation email with further details of how to download and install it.

Step 3: Download and install mSpy

Follow the installation steps outlined in the payment confirmation email. This might take you some minutes, but you can always reach out to the app’s technical support team if you run into any difficulties. mSpy is backed by free customer support that’s available 24/7.

Step 4: Start monitoring

Once the app is set up, you’ll have instant access to the target Facebook account remotely from your smartphone. You’ll find an easy-to-navigate panel with functions for viewing the target Facebook account’s activity logs, including chat records, friend lists, group lists, etc.

Other Ways to Read FB Messages of Others’ Facebook Account

The ‘Forgot Password’ Method

This method entails using Facebook’s official password recovery process to hijack the account. But first, you need to find out the target’s username and the email and mobile number associated with the account.

You’ll have to enter the target Facebook I.D into the official Facebook login page and then click on “Forgot password.” You can then follow the next prompts to reset the password and set up a new one.

The steps are usually as follows:

  1. On the ‘forgot password page,’ fill out the target’s full name or Facebook user address, mobile number, and email.
  2. Enter the email address you want the password reset/recovery code to be delivered to, and then enter the recovery code on the next page.
  3. After the password is successfully reset, select the ‘stay logged in’ option.

Note that this method might deprive the target of access to the Facebook account. This might be counter-productive in cases where you need to read messages from other Facebook users while they continue using the account to obtain fresh evidence.

 Phishing Attack and Social Engineering Methods

With these methods, you get to lure the target to a fake site that’s a clone of the original Facebook site, where the targets key in their Facebook credentials. The social engineering option is the advanced version of the phishing attack. It entails a systematic, compelling campaign to gain the target’s trust to persuade them into divulging their personal information, including their Facebook credentials.

To use a phishing attack:

  1. Open the Facebook site (make sure you’re logged out), go to the View Page Source tab by hitting “Ctrl + U,” and then copy the source code you find there to a notepad (you can simply hit “Ctrl + F”).
  2. On the notepad where the source code has been copied to, type in the word action to identify the action attribute of the source code’s login form. Replace this action attribute with ‘process.php’.
  3. You should perform a search to ensure the text is similar to this: action=’’’’ If it is, then activate the ‘Inspect Element’ function, and then replace all texts highlighted in green color with post.php (what you should have there is ‘=post.php).
  4. Save all the information on a hard drive under the name index.htm, and then create a new .php file by saving the code in a new notepad page as post.php.
  5. Sign up for a free website hosting service, log into your newly created account, navigate the file manager’s feature on the control panel, and select public_html.
  6. Replace the default .php file with the previously created index.htm and post.php by hitting the upload button (upload them one at a time).
  7. Open the index.htm file, and you’ll find a replica of the original Facebook login page. Copy the URL of the fake page, and then lure the user into logging in their Facebook credentials on the fake page.

Note, however, that you can monitor the target’s Facebook activities only as long as they do not change their passwords. However, with Facebook spy apps, you don’t need to worry about password changes.

Final Thoughts

Facebook spying is very important nowadays. Among all these methods, I’ve shown clearly that Facebook spy apps are the most advantageous. What’s more, crème-of-the-crop apps like mSpy also provide you with a comprehensive set of tools that give you full coverage of activities on a target phone besides those on Facebook.

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