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Recent advancement in technology, communication technology to be more specific, has brought some negative impacts on our lifestyle as parents and employers have been paying price for that for quite some time. Now, almost every kid owns a smartphone or a mobile device that makes it near impossible for parents to monitor their kids’ activities and whereabouts as well as who their friends are. Monitoring apps and services like iSpyoo have solved this problem effectively and efficiently. Let’s talk about this amazing app, its features, pros and cons.

Installation and Initialization

It takes only few minutes to install iSpyoo on the target device and you need physical access for that. After the installation, you can configure the device and app from the web portal company provides at the time of purchase.


Compatibility is not the strongest side of iSpyoo as this app and service is only available for iOS and Android devices and it does work on jailbroken iOS devices only. Because more of the people don’t jailbreak their iOS devices, iSpyoo is useless to them.

Key Features

  • Call monitoring
  • Message monitoring
  • Email monitoring
  • IM monitoring
  • Social network monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Media access

Location Tracking

Location tracking feature in monitoring apps is a much have function because parents want to know where their kids are and where they spend their time. This feature used device’s GPS and pin point the exact location of the target device. It also records the routes so parents can see where their kid went last night. This is pretty awesome feature to keep a keen eye on them without invading their privacy.

Other Features

iSpyoo has all the basic features you want to see in a monitoring app and service and features you need to monitor your kids’ activities as well as your employees in order to protect your business. Like every other monitoring app out there, iSpyoo also has call, message, email, IM and social network monitoring features and administrators can also view photos, videos and other media files stored on the target device remotely via web portal.


iSpyoo has three different packages that come with different price tags and different features; these are standard, premium and gold package. Users can select the package of their desire that suits their needs and budget; standard package is available for $17, $45 and $70 for 1, 3 and 6 months time period while gold package is available for $23 per month. Obviously, if you get subscription for a longer time period at once, it will cost you less.

iSpyoo alternatives to consider

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Bottom Line

iSpyoo is a great app and service that comes with some pretty awesome features you need to protect your kids and businesses, although it has some limitations and disadvantages too. A limited support for compatible devices makes it a less suitable option for people who want to use it on multiple devices.

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  1. Daniele De Luca

    Recently, I have used the trial version of this new spying application. It was awesome in its work. When I tried to obtain the call log history details and it works efficiently and given me the required details instantly. For this software alone, you would have been found tons of positive reviews. Let’s try this!

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