Mobistealth Review & Test

Through this review I will provide all the detailed information that you should know about Mobistealth. This software is a remote monitoring app that is comprehensive for phones, laptops and desktops.

Mobistealth is a high-end monitoring solution that can help you safeguard your family or business interests. After subscribing to this mobile spy application, you will get access to a secure web panel from where you will be able to check recorded data. Whether the mobile device in question runs Android or iOS this cell phone tracking software has got you covered. Also, you shouldn’t worry that the user will find out about the surveillance in place unless you tell them about it.

Installation and Initialization

You must have physical access to the target device in order to install Mobistealth on it. It takes a few minutes to install it and activate your personal account. After, Mobistealth will track your target device activities on a constant basis. Here are three simple steps to start using the Mobistealth app:

Step 1. Sign up

Firstly, you need to sign up for the Mobistealth Service and choose the subscription plan that suits the most to your needs.

Step 2. Link target device

Secondly, get the iTunes credentials of your target iPhone/iPad. Or download the app if you want to monitor a device with another OS. Then link your Mobistealth account with your target device.

Step 3. Proceed to monitor

Thirdly, monitor all the activities taking place on your target device in real time. 


Like most of the other monitoring apps and services Mobistealth is available for mobile platforms as well as desktop PCs. It does support iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian devices but unfortunately it does not support non-jailbroken iOS devices that is a huge turn off for some people.

Key Features

  • Email tracking
  • Access to multimedia messages
  • Call history
  • Text message tracking
  • Location tracking (with/without GPS)
  • Browser history
  • Contacts
  • iMessage
  • BBM (for BlackBerry)
  • WhatsApp (for iOS only)
  • Appointments (for Android and BlackBerry)

Location Tracking

Mobistealth allow parents and employers to use location tracking features in order to track their kids or employers via GPS of the target device. This location tracking feature is so powerful it can pinpoint the exact location of the target device and can tell coordinates. The same location tracking feature can also record the routine and whereabouts of the target device so parents can see where their kids go and how much time they spend there.

Other Features

Only three features are included into the Basic subscription of this mobile spy software: call history, SMS tracking, and GPS location tracking. No basic package is offered for Symbian devices though. One more thing to keep in mind: those who subscribe to Basic package won’t be eligible for 15-Day money back guarantee offered by this cell phone spy provider.

Lite package includes only several more features and starts from $39.99 per three months. For android monitoring, you’ll get access to appointments, bookmarks, browsing history, and contact details in addition to three features mention above. Lite package for iOS has the following extra features: web history, contacts, and iMessage chats. If your target mobile device runs Symbian or BlackBerry operating systems, you’ll be granted full remote access to appointments and phone book.


For iPhone:
The only Premium Plus plan is available. It starts from $16.66/Month

For Android:

Pro plan starts from From $59.99/Month. Pro-X subscription has the highest functionality and costs from from $69.99/Month.


From $20. /Month

Have a look at its features and you will see that Mobistealth still cannot compete with such giants as mSpy and FlexiSpy when it comes to functionality.

There is no trial version on offer. Earlier you could subscribe for 2-week Basic package ($19.99). Two weeks is more than enough to ensure the product meets your needs or decide it’s not worth it. That was the shortest subscription period in the industry. Unfortunately, now it is unavailable – shortest subscription period is one month.

The Pros and Cons of Mobistealth


  • This app does not require any specific equipment to get installed. You just need internet service and a good browser.
  • Mobistealth gives deep and comprehensive features of surveillance. The function of call recording is very much in demand when people look for a monitoring app. But this feature is not too dependable owing to carrier and connectivity issues. The company is aware of this problem and they give a guarantee on refund if the feature doesn’t work in the mobile device that you are monitoring.
  • Logged data can be checked anywhere and at any time by using your account online.
  • The customer and tech support is of the highest quality in Mobistealth. They have Google+, Twitter and Facebook and also a ticket support system and live chat which will handle whatever questions or issues you may have while using the app.
  • The price of this product depends on how much functionality you require. It is the most cost-effective and cheapest app you can find in the market when compared to its competitors. The Lite package has a wide range of monitoring solutions that people generally require. It is a great deal at merely 99.99$ in a year.
  • Once you buy the app you will get the necessary updates that it needs absolutely free.
  • Are you worried that this app may not run in your target mobile device? Don’t worry; you will be provided with a money-back guarantee which will last you 3 days after you have bought it. You will get a guarantee of 10 days if there are any technical issues.
  • This app will enable you to record the surroundings of a phone device. This feature is not often there in other such remote monitoring apps.


  • This product does not have a period for trial. You cannot test the app before you buy it to check if it will work on the mobile device you wish to monitor.
  • Another drawback is that an iPhone must be jailbroken if you want to install this app in it since many people use iOS devices and iPhones.
  • The version Pro X which has added features and call recording is available for android smartphones only.

Bottom Line

You need to jailbreak iOS device otherwise you won’t be able to install this mobile spy software but overall Mobistealth is an amazing app and service that has all the basic features you need.

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