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People all over the globe use monitoring apps and services to keep an eye on their kids and employees to protect them from online threats. Kids use social media websites as well as IM services to make new friends and this freedom comes with some dangers too. As a parent, it is solely your responsibility to protect your kids by monitoring their activities and whereabouts. In those situations, monitoring apps and services like PhoneSheriff come in handy. Let’s talk about PhoneSheriff, its features, pros and cons.

Installation and Initialization

Administrators must have physical access to the target device in order to install PhoneSheriff on it because it cannot be installed remotely. After the installation process they can configure and control the device from web portal company provides at the time of purchase.


PhoneSheriff is compatible with Android, iOS and BlackBerry device, Android, Windows based computers as well as Mac OS.

Key Features

Amazingly PhoneSheriff is exclusively designed and developed for parents and employers who want to monitor their kids and employees. It has all the features you need to keep a keen eye on your kids and employers without being detected. It has call monitoring feature, message monitoring, IM monitoring, social media monitoring, GPS tracking and internet usage monitoring. On the other hand, this app and service lacks some important and must have features too; it doesn’t have Facebook monitoring and Viber monitoring and that is a huge disadvantage.

Location Tracking

GPS location tracking feature allows parents and employers to track the exact location of the target device anytime and from anywhere using the web portal. This location tracking feature can pin point the target device in few seconds and this particular feature is quite useful for parents who want to know the whereabouts of their kids without invading their privacy.

Other Features

PhoneSheriff also allows administrator to delete or lock down apps on the target device. Administrator can perform this task remotely from the web portal. This feature comes in handy when parents want to restrict access to a specific website and its contents.


PhoneSheriff has three different packages that are designed for different kind of users. Unlike most of the other monitoring apps and services, PhoneSheriff doesn’t categorize its packages based on a platform but it does it based on customer type. Two packages are exclusively designed for parents; parents can get PhoneSheriff subscription for $50 for 6 months and $90 for 12 months. While one package is designed for employers who can get PhoneSheriff subscription for $300 for 12 months and they can use it on five different devices.

Important Notes About PhoneSheriff

  • Currently service is unavailable for new customers
  • You must accept the terms of use and legal agreement on the order page.
  • Automatic Subscription is optional during checkout.
  • If your term ends without renewal, your account and software will become inoperable.
  • For GPS Locations, device must be a GPS-enabled phone with a good signal.
  • Full online support is included with knowledge base, documentation and live support.

As PhoneSheriff is unavailable we recommend:

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Benefits of using PhoneSheriff

PhoneSheriff is definitely one of the best phone monitoring software available in the market. In this age of bad web content in smartphones all parents wish to be able to monitor and watch their kids’ activities and who they talk to. It may appear wrong but you have to make a simple choice: either you accept your responsibilities as a parent and do something about it or you suffer mentally. PhoneSheriff’s benefits and uses ring clear and loud, you should not let this opportunity slip by.

Bottom Line

PhoneSheriff has all the basic features you need in order to protect your kids and business by keeping a keen eye on your employees and kids all the time. Although PhoneSheriff has some disadvantages too but overall it is an awesome service that has exclusive packages for parents and employers.

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  1. Ezra Hurwitz

    I wish everyone had experience as I did. This app works well and I feel like I want to share it with you. So what do I do with it on a regular basis? I track my kid, check online activities and apps. You know at this very age this shouldn’t be ignored. I have already blocked some apps. We agreed on not using it and she still would keep on doing it. So I had to block it. Anyway, I am absolutely in love with the app and find it must-have for parents. And I love this Panic Alerts feature. Turned out very helpful.

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