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Problematic Safari: What are the Issues and How to Fix them?

One of the most valuable brands across the globe is Apple. The company has a net worth of $205.5 billion. With years of operation, the company has gathered global trust and support. And that depicts an upsurge in daily Apple product sales. 

The Apple portfolio has critical products like iPad, iPhone, AirPods, AirTag, and others. The Mac personal computer is one of the most-loved products. Its sales won’t come as a surprise to you- all thanks to the product’s popularity. Apple sold Mac computers worth $26 billion in 2017. This figure is very well-evident of the brand recognition the company enjoys. Yet, with such impressive statistics, Mac has not been saved from technical glitches. 

Some of the most common issues that Mac users face relate to startups, incompatible login items, Safari, spinning beach ball, etc. Unresponsive Safari is the most common issue amongst all, which users want to fix. 

But, before solving it, let’s know about what Safari is and what use it has. Let’s get going:

Safari: What is it Used For?

Most Mac users are aware that their device employs Safari. But do they have an idea of its relevance? Maybe not! 

If you’re one of those people, then know that Safari is a graphical web browser available on Windows and macOS. Apple developed this web browser for providing the best internet experience. 

What are Safari Problems and How to Troubleshoot them?

If you’re a profound Apple lover, know Safari problems are the most common to occur. However, if you encounter a problem, don’t flinch, folks! Yes, there are some Mac issues related to Apple’s Safari. But, they have troubleshoots to ease the process. 

Can’t wait to solve your Safari problems? How about taking a glimpse of all the common issues Mac users are facing, in addition to their solutions? Read on to discover:

  • Safari Runs Slow:

One of the most common issues that people encounter while using Safari is slow speed. Some reasons for this problem can be:

You might have a gazillion open tabs on the device. When your Mac has multiple open tabs, the possibility of ending up with a slow-performing Safari is high. 

To solve this problem, ensure shutting the tabs you no longer need. By doing so, you provide a non-struggling Safari, functioning to the most optimum levels. 

You may have caches, website data history, cookies that date back to antiquity. Although, clearing the browsing history may seem irrelevant. Know that it significantly affects the performance and functionality of Safari. Tech giants suggest you clean the browsing history to enhance your browsing experience. 

  • Safari Crashes Regularly:

Does your Safari browser crash frequently? When you’re in the midst of an important assignment and Safari quits suddenly, the frustration levels are beyond explanation. Your Safari crashes when the engaging websites rely on JavaScript heavily. 

Updating your device to the latest macOS version can be a wise step. And, the best part is- this is a wireless process that doesn’t even take much time. 

Sometimes, your Safari crashes immediately after launching. Operating multiple tabs might be a reason for this problem. You can consider working with fewer tabs for enhancing functionality to fix this problem. Tech giants say that Safari crashes because of memory usage, most of the time. If your browser doesn’t have enough memory, it is sure to collapse. In addition to this, consider clearing up the things that eat your memory to ensure optimal performance of your system. 

  • Safari is Unresponsive:

One of the most frequent complaints among users is that Safari doesn’t respond at times. If you’ve been in a situation like this and wonder why it quits, you undoubtedly wish to find a solution. If your never-ending attempts to load the net still doesn’t fix the issue, know there’s an underlying problem with your browser. 

However, the good news is- you can quickly fix this issue. Just begin with the basics. Try to quit the application and relaunch Safari. You’ll be happy to know that this works most of the time, especially when the browser is frozen. 

If your first option doesn’t work well, you may also think of tuning the Safari preferences. The underlying issue is that the page you’re trying to load may be fraudulent. Also, decide to enable or disable the JavaScript- security features. By doing so, you’ll be testing if the issue lies with security restrictions. Go to preferences and navigate to the Security tab for finding these settings. 

You can also consider managing extensions in a better manner. Know that Safari problems are a result of issues that relate to extensions, caches, and plug-ins. Consider clearing your caches and assessing the scripts, extensions, and plug-ins for keeping your Mac tidied up. 

  • Safari Hides its Full URL:

The recent versions of Safari do not display the complete website address. Although it may not sound much of a problem while browsing, it causes hassle when you want to copy URLs- owing to different reasons. 

There is no need to panic if your Safari browser doesn’t display the complete URL. All you’ve to do is navigate to the browser’s settings. Now go to preferences and advanced settings. After selecting the same, choose “Show full website address” to see the entire URL. 

  • Safari Displays Pop Up Notifications:

There is nothing as annoying as web-based push notifications. Their continuous pop-ups indicate a problem associated with macOS. What’s even worse is that the proliferation of push technology depicts a continuation in the trend. 

Mac users- you no longer have to endure these notifications. All you’ve to do is go to the preferences and navigate to notifications after that. Once you’re there, you can easily switch off anything that you don’t prefer and effectively stop these notifications. 

  • Safari Doesn’t Stream Online Videos:

Do you face trouble in loading or playing some online videos? If yes, then you’re not alone. Many Mac users across the world complain of such instances. When your Safari doesn’t play some videos, there could be an issue because of internal or external factors. 

The chances are good that the graphic web browser doesn’t support the video format. Or, there could be a bug affecting your browser at some point or another. Ensure clearing cookies, caches, and extensions, in both these cases. 

Update your Safari for the best experience once you have a transparent system. 

The Verdict: That’s an End to all your Safari Frustrations

With the tips you just read, you don’t have to worry about your Safari problems. Just follow these troubleshooting tips, and you’ll be able to perform a range of functions online. 

Did you find a solution to your Safari problem? If yes, then share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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