How to see Snapchat history of others

How to see other peoples Snapchat history?

Parents worry about their kids online activities and they should but most of the people are not aware of the monitoring apps and services that can help them in this regard. These services allow parents to keep an eye on their kids, their activities and even their whereabouts all the time without disturbing them or invading their privacy.

Some social media apps like Facebook and Snapchat are more popular among teens because of their features as well as freedom to interact with anyone they want.

As a parent, it is solely your responsibility to monitor your kids’ social media and internet usage to prevent any kind of dangerous situation. Some monitoring apps allow administrators to see other people’s Snapchat history and parents can use this kind of apps; here are 5 apps to see other peoples Snapchats they send that you might like.

Monitoring and spy app features

Spy apps not only allow social media monitoring but they also come with other feature like message monitoring, email monitoring, IM monitoring, call monitoring and GPS tracking. Administrators can read all sent and received messages on the target device remotely with the help of web portal company provides.

These apps also show call log even if the user delete that record. The same goes for emails and IM chatting apps like Skype and WhatsApp.

Parents can read all sent and received emails, sent and received messages on WhatsApp and Skype as well. GPS location feature allows them to track their kids and monitor their whereabouts remotely. This particular feature can also record routes so parents can see the previous history like where there kid went yesterday and how much time he spent in those places.

Additionally the same GPS feature can also be used for tracking lost or stolen device with the help of map and web portal with secure login.

5 Best Snapchat Spying Apps

Are you becoming increasingly worried about your child’s activities on Snapchat and desperate to exert some parental control on the app? Although there are many ways you can do so, one easy way I can recommend is using the advantages of Snapchat monitoring apps. Let’s read and find out the pros and cons of each one.

#1 – mSpy

how to see other peoples snapchat history with mspy

mSpy is a top-of-the-line Snapchat spy app in the market. It helps you to track the Snapchat activities of your children effectively. It also goes a notch further by blocking inappropriate content on your kid’s Snapchat. This application operates like a ‘ghost’ on the child’s smartphone.

mSpy can also help you check your child’s call history and review all the incoming, outgoing, and even deleted Snapchat messages. Besides Snapchat, it can also help monitor WhatsApp and Facebook. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. Its subscription starts from $16.99 per month and can also be remotely installed. mSpy’s customer service is top-notch since it provides solid backing for the application.


  •   It can be managed on more than one device
  •   Its installation is quick and straightforward
  •   It has a keylogger feature


  •   It requires rooting your device to use some advanced features

Step-By-Step Installation Instruction

  •   Step 1:

Check to see if the target phone meets the compatibility requirements on mSpy’s official site.

  •   Step 2:

On the company’s website, select the package that satisfies all your requirements. Fill out the order form, and once the payment is completed, check your mail for simple prompts on how to install the application.

  •   Step 3:

After downloading the app, all you need to do is to install the software on your kid’s phone as stealthily as possible to avoid being discovered. In case you need any assistance at this stage, the company’s customer service platform is fully responsive 24/7, so you can get help anytime you want.

  •     Step 4:

The last step is to simply start tracking your kid’s Snapchat, while also lapping up other digital trails from other social media apps online platforms. Virtually any activity that takes place on the target device can be monitored.

What Else Would You Get After the Installation of This App

For Android Phones:

  •   Get to track calls, GPS tracking, SMS, and about 25 other features.
  •   Get a very quick installation and a friendly user interface.
  •   Get compatibility with all Android devices starting from OS 4+
  •   A 24/7 multi-language support.

For iPhones:

  •   Get compatibility with iOS 7-9.1
  •   Quick installation and a user-friendly interface
  •   Multi-language support
  •   GPS, calls, SMS tracking, coupled with 25 other features.

You’ll also get a free cell phone tracker, a GPS tracker, geofencing feature, application blocker, call blocker, an all-encompassing parental control capability, and even line tracking. This all comes at a pocket-friendly subscription rate.

#2 – Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is one of the best software to monitor Snapchat texts and pictures without them knowing. With this monitoring software, you can monitor your kids on all social media networks, including Snapchat. All the photos, messages, and videos your ward shares on Snapchat can be monitored. There are also other features, such as monitoring web history, emails, etc. It also blocks access to inappropriate websites. Hence, you can be pretty sure that your kid will not be injured by online harm.

The app is used based on a subscription. There are many packages available, which you can subscribe to. There is the personal starting at $24, professional, and business packages at $49 and $149, respectively. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


  •   The app allows easy accessing to the target phone’s browsing history
  •   It enables taking screenshot remotely without the target’s knowledge


  •   The app does not have a keylogger feature.
  •   In some other instances, its location tracking feature can be inaccurate.
#3 – iKeyMonitor 


This tracking software is designed to monitor activities on both mobile phones and personal computers. It has been described as a great tool for parents who need to monitor their kids’ activities on Snapchat.

It features chats and logs and helps you view other peoples Snapchats and browser history. There is the cloud panel that allows you to receive all the data you have collected and also helps in the monitoring of all the activities on the target phone. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.


  •   It has a free trial for newbies
  •   It has a bunch of functions
  •   It has a demo version


  •   It comes with a high price; it is not cost-effective
  •   Its complex control panel may dissuade users
  •   Its localization features often faulty
#4 – FlexiSPY

flexispy insta

FlexiSPY is another spy app that allows tracking Snapchat account. With this app, you can keep track of all the details of others’ Snapchat conversations, including the date and time stamps. FlexiSPY is supported on both Android and iOS devices, and you can even remotely install and uninstall the app without the target having the slightest hint that they’re being monitored.

It comes with many highly-attractive features such as a keylogger and camera accessibility. The app can also be used on both rooted and unrooted Android devices, but you definitely need jailbreaking if you will be using it on an iPhone. 


  •   It is fully loaded with impressive features
  •   It works on both Android and iOS devices
  •   It allows tracking the GPS location of the target
  •   It enables you to list out a set of keywords and get notifications when any of these keywords are typed.


  • It doesn’t have functions for blocking websites and numbers
  • It requires rooting on Android devices.
#5 – Mobisteatlh

Mobistealth is a top-rated software to see other peoples Snapchats they send. With this application that allows tracking Snapchat users, parents who want to have a clear view of what their kids do on Snapchat can easily make use of this app to track messages and see shared videos and photos.

It can also be used for tasks such as monitoring call logs, contacts list, location tracking, etc. Subscription for Mobistealth starts at about $59 per month, while the iOS users would have to spend about $69.99. The app is compatible with Windows, iMac, and Android devices. You can keep track of other social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and other messenger apps in a non-intrusive manner.


  •   It doesn’t require to root or jailbreak any device
  •   It allows monitoring emails and locations
  •   It guarantees remote data access


  •   In some instances, the monitoring of Snapchat can be limited.

Other Ways to Look at Other Peoples Snapchats

I’ve focused mainly on Snapchat monitoring applications. Now, without these apps, how can parents still monitor the Snapchat activity of their kids? Most of these solutions are required by trendy, tech-savvy parents who know how modern devices and applications work.

  • Mac Spoofing: This is one of the ways of getting through a Snapchat user’s account without a spying app. This works in the same as WhatsApp hacking by Mac spoofing, although this is more complicated and requires maximum attention. To do this, you would only need to spoof the Mac address of the concerned device. 
  • Keylogging: You can also use a keylogger to hack the account and also monitor messages being exchanged.
  • Restoring Snapchat Backup Files: To do this, you can go to your Google account that is already linked to your device. Then, navigate to Google Photos and view all the photos saved on the cloud.
  • Snapchat’s Built-In Spy Feature: Such a feature is available on the most spying apps. It has an advanced Control Panel, where you can browse all the Snapchat activities.

However, all these methods mentioned above have their limits, and they’re not quite effective as Snapchat monitoring apps. Besides, Snapchat also makes messages disappear automatically, and that imposes a significant limit on the effectiveness of all these options. This proves that the use of Snapchat monitoring apps or software is still the best option available.

Final Words

If you are willing to spy on people’s Snapchat, then spying software is your choice. With these apps, you can stealthily monitor what your kids are doing on Snapchat. These apps, with their unique features, go a long way in helping parents gain a significant level of control over their wards. With the use of these apps, the targets will never come to the knowledge that you’re remotely accessing their phone. The apps will go a long way in keeping your kids from the toxicity of the world wide web.

Hence if you are wondering, “Can Snapchat be monitored by parents?”, the answer is clear. My best pick is the mSpy app because it provides the best value.

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2 thoughts on “How to see other peoples Snapchat history?”

  1. It all depends on whose Snapchat account you intend to spy on. For one, it’s completely legal to spy on your kid’s phone and online activities, which include Snapchat. You can also install a spy app on your company’s phone to monitor your employees, provided you inform them. However, installing a spy app on an adult’s phone without their consent could be illegal. It’s important to check with the laws of where you live in.

  2. I’ve used Mspy for a couple of years now, and I completely recommend it to any parent who wants to keep an eye on their child’s Snapchat activities. Even though you’d need a rooted device to access its advanced monitoring features, I don’t think there’s a more reliable app out there.

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