Some Hidden Zoom Features to Explore and Try!

The global pandemic of 2023 proved dreadful for many individuals and industries. But at the same time, it turned out to be a tremendous successive phase for online platforms and IT industries running digitally.

One of the most significant illustrations of this statement is Zoom. According to global reports, Zoom has more than 300 million active users worldwide. Moreover, Zoom was used the most in April 2023, as it witnessed up to 300 million daily digital meet-ups during a pandemic. This was the highest number ever recorded in the history of digital meetings attended so far.

Introduced in January 2013, Zoom recorded a whopping amount of revenue up to $622.7 million. This number made Zoom one of the most successful online platforms making statements throughout the world. Where many IT professionals and business people have been using Zoom for years now, some of us hopped on to this platform last year.

And now, when it has become the be-all and end-all of everyone’s lives, each one of us must seek all insights about Zoom in detail. So, let’s not waste any more time and explore the hidden functionings of Zoom, which will tenfold your experience.

Zoom – A progressive revolution in the digital world

Zoom is a video calling application equipped with countless features and functionalities for those who don’t know, making the lives of IT professionals more accessible than ever before. The app has gained massive popularity during the pandemic lockdown and helped millions of businesses sail through the tough times.

Most people have been considering Zoom as a fantastic medium for virtual meet-ups; it has a lot more in its kitty to offer us. Many people have got to know about the countless features of Zoom in the past year. Now, all we need is to explore and make the most out of the different parts.

Fun revealing features of Zoom:

Feature 1 – Can add up to 100 participants

Yes, you read that right! You can actually add up to 100 participants over one call on Zoom. It is the only video and audio calling app available that offers such a group chat feature. As a result, many MNCs, schools, and colleges use Zoom for group conversations and commence online classes. The only limitation is that one can continue this chat feature for 40 minutes only. And the quick way out is you can reconnect the call among all the participants after40 minutes again.

Feature 2 – Keyboard shortcuts

Those who are in a hurry or wish to wind up their work as soon as possible never settle for mouse usage. That’s where Zoom introduced a line of keyboard shortcuts for competent professionals like you. Zoom has created keyboard shortcuts for some of the frequently used features like – start or stop call recording, mute conversation or call, stop the camera, join the meeting, and much more.

Some of the keyboard shortcuts are –

  1. To start or stop a video call – Alt+V
  2. To start or stop screen sharing – Alt+S
  3. To toggle meeting control features – Alt
  4. To unmute or mute audio calls – Alt+A
  5. To resume or pause screen sharing feature – Alt+T

These are some of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts, whereas there are a lot more available.

Feature 3 – Record a meeting

You would need to start a zoom video or audio call as a host to record the meeting on the cloud. Now click on the ‘Record’ option, go to the ‘Menu’ bar, join ‘Record on This Computer.’ By now, the host will view options like – ‘Recording Indicator’ on the top-left corner. While this, your recording status must be active. Now click on ‘Participants’ to record zoom meetings without any interruptions. Don’t forget that the dial-in participants of the ongoing call will hear a message notifying them about the meeting recording updates.

Once the call recording is done, Zoom converts the recording file in the downloadable form to make it more accessible for you. The by default created file formats are – MP4 or M4A.

Feature 4 – Quick touch up for the best appearance

When it comes to corporate meet-ups, everyone desires and deserves to look the best. Then why not follow the same thing for Zoom online meet-ups or calls? Well, Zoom creators understand the importance of looking presentable during virtual meetings, therefore offering a fantastic feature named ‘touch up’ for the appearance. For this, you need to click on the ‘Settings’ tab – select the ‘Video’ tab and click on the checkbox displayed next to the ‘Touch up my Appearance’ feature. Clicking on this button will enhance and smoothen your appearance, making you look refreshed and ready for the kill.

Feature 5 – Share the screen option

Do you remember those struggling days when you used to explain a case or project to your colleague over audio/video call? But guess what, you don’t have to deal with that old-school issue anymore. Zoom has advanced features that allow you to share your live screen with the other participants. Moreover, you can share view access to the entire windows as well. It has helped many professionals enhance their virtual working environment and made it much easier to coordinate between teammates sitting at different locations. To activate it, go to the ‘Toolbar,’ click on the ‘Share Screen’ option, and select the ‘meeting screen’ option. You can pause, resume or stop the screen sharing feature whenever you want.

Besides this, some of the other exciting features to explore on Zoom include – reacting with an appropriate emoji, mute the conversation using a spacebar, muting a particular participant, and much more. The best part is Zoom continues to enrich this experience with a new line of features.

The last word

Zoom is all set to rule the digital world with its whopping numbers and to expand mania. Currently, it won’t be wrong to refer to this app as the leading one in the market. What makes it even more exciting and valuable to use Zoom is its line of interesting features ten folding the user experience.






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