Write For Us

Write For Us

We will be glad to publish your guest posts on our website. 

Are you a blogger, a seasoned writer, or a graduate student ready to show your work to our readers? Then you are welcome to offer your article for publication on our site.

All that we ask for is the article to be unique (it should never have been published anywhere else, even your personal website). It should be a high-quality text of 1,000 words or more.

In return, we will make sure you earn the fame you deserve by including your name, photo, and bio the way you would like them to be presented.

You can also insert one “do follow” link in your article.

Please avoid keyword stuffing in your article. Your text should not be spammy — this parameter will be thoroughly checked!

Article topics we are looking to publish:

  • Instant Messengers Tips & Hacks 
  • Parental Control 
  • Children’s Safety on the Internet

Anything missing on the list? If there is a great topic you would like to suggest to us, please, agree on it with us before submitting the whole article.

Writing Guidelines for Guest Posts

Please, follow the guidelines below before you send an article for review. Here is what we expect:

  • Use an engaging title/headline.
  • Your content should be split up with relevant subheadings.
  • The text should be more than 90% unique and grammatically and stylistically correct.
  • No copying and pasting from other websites, articles, books, or any sources must be involved.
  • It should exceed 1000 words in length.
  • The article should not look like advertising.
  • Include references to any if you use any statistical data or refer to research. We need those to be properly hyperlinked to the source.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: